Photo Gallery
Josie and Bronco 2005
Cody on Bronco 2003
Cody on Bronco 2004
Our winter wonderland lane to our pens during the winter of 2007.
This is what happens when you move deer into a
new pen - fighting for the top of the pecking order!
Josie visiting ALL deer during chore time.
Steve and Bradley 2006.
Chelsea, Furball and fawn
Chelsea and Precious
Chelsea and Sweetie's first fawn.
Study this picture!  "Phew!  Standing way too
close to the one who ate beans for dinner!"
Cody on McLovin' 3 yr old
Jeckyl/Digit buck
early growing season 2011.
McLovin' 8/6/11
At Whitetails of Wisconsin Spring 2012 Auction
Governor Scott Walker and Dr. Kroll showed up to explain
their strategy in getting Wisconsin's hunting back on track.
Fawns' 1st day out